Monday, 16 January 2017

100 days of happiness: wk 2

Welcome to week two of my 100 days of happiness. I have to say I'm quite chuffed I'm still going as some days when I work all day it can be hard to think what to take a quick photo of. So this was my week
The week started off wet and cold so I was happy to get home into my dressing gown. I also rejoined Slimming World and nearly died when I got on the scales! I was also lucky to get a mid week early finish on my late shift so I was super cuffed! You know I said it was cold at the start of the week? Well it got colder with crazy wind and a touch of snow so I was glad to find my beanie hat. 
On Friday I received some great feedback from someone who I had call listening with me so I was treated to a trip to the goodie cupboard. I had to find something relatively Slimming World friendly, I think wine did the trick especially as it's still unopened. On Saturday I woke up fairly early for me at the weekend for me and was treated to a gorgeous sun rise. Then finally on Sunday I was back in Stamford for my dads 65th birthday. My Uncles wife has a cake making business and made some yummy cupcakes and a fab Joey Dunlop helmet cake.  So that was week 2. On to week 3! 

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  1. It sure looks like a good week to me. Well done on joining slimming world too x