Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Finally some scrapping!

As the title suggests I FINALLY managed to do some scrapping, and boy did it feel good! I wanted to do some scrapping over the weekend but needed something to kick start my mojo, so I checked back through some of the Sketchy Scrappers sketches for some inspiration. I decided to have a go at the December/January sketch which I originally thought of skipping, purely because it screams Christmas and to be honest I don't have a lot of Christmas photos or stash! 
I looked through my photos and found one I'd been hoarding of Boo helping nanny decorate the tree. I was sceptical I had any Christmas paper but found a sheet from Pink Paislee which I had gotten in a Hey Little Magpie grab bag. 
As the photo is black and white I could have gone for any colour scheme but stuck with the traditional red and green. For the triangle "trees" I used paper from Simple Stories and Echo Park. The strips were scraps from my scraps basket, possibly both Fancy Pants but from different collections. While looking through my papers I found a Jenny Bowlin sheet with bingo cards on so I decided to use one of these. 

Monday, 30 January 2017

100 days of happiness: week 4

Welcome to week 4 of my 100 days of happiness. I'm not going to lie it's getting harder to find something each day that has made me smile, not because there hasn't been anything I'm just worried about sharing the same type of photos each time. But anyway, without further ado this was week 4. 
The week started of great by finally getting my internet sorted! Ever since Christmas it has either been running slow or dropping out completely. We guessed it was due to the phone line being damaged outside after the strong winds over Christmas and finally after four weeks we were proved right! On Tuesday I had a small loss at Slimming World which I chuffed with especially as I was out Saturday night and caved to pizza at the end of the night! On Wednesday I worked a late shift and as usual was happy to find a parking space. Then on Thursday after a weird day at work where some major changes were announced I was happy to get home to a lovely cup of tea. 
Friday carried on from the day before and I was happy to get home to an empty house and get into my slobby clothes. Saturday brought happy mail from Facebook, I'd been eyeing up this stamp for ages. Then yesterday I used my slow cooker for the first time and made Slimming World campfire stew which was bloody lovely, so lovely in fact that I have scoffed leftovers tonight! 

Monday, 23 January 2017

100 Days of Happiness: week 3

Another week has gone by and I'm still keeping up with my 100 days of happiness. So without further ado this was week 3. 
The week started off with me working a late shift so I grateful to get a parking space especially as it was raining. They've extended the carpark at work but it's still a nightmare getting parked if you're on a late shift! The next day was my first weight in at Slimming World and I had an impressive 3lb weight loss! On Wednesday the mini frying baskets I had ordered from Amazon arrived so I put the to use by making Sweet Potato chips which seems as I'm no Delia Smith is a big deal! More happy mail arrived the next day with an album I'd ordered to put my layouts in when I start scrapping some older photos I'd found at my parents. 
On Friday Ian was working an earlier shift so I was happy to have control of the TVs and iPad for a change! On Saturday night I went out with my team for bowling and beers. It was a fab night but let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if the loss earlier in week was cancelled out! Finally on Sunday I was probably I bit to excited to find out Netflix had recently added She-Ra! I loved this programme as a kid and had a She-Ra and her unicorn action figures plus a She-Ra birthday cake for my 7th birthday!   

Monday, 16 January 2017

100 days of happiness: wk 2

Welcome to week two of my 100 days of happiness. I have to say I'm quite chuffed I'm still going as some days when I work all day it can be hard to think what to take a quick photo of. So this was my week
The week started off wet and cold so I was happy to get home into my dressing gown. I also rejoined Slimming World and nearly died when I got on the scales! I was also lucky to get a mid week early finish on my late shift so I was super cuffed! You know I said it was cold at the start of the week? Well it got colder with crazy wind and a touch of snow so I was glad to find my beanie hat. 
On Friday I received some great feedback from someone who I had call listening with me so I was treated to a trip to the goodie cupboard. I had to find something relatively Slimming World friendly, I think wine did the trick especially as it's still unopened. On Saturday I woke up fairly early for me at the weekend for me and was treated to a gorgeous sun rise. Then finally on Sunday I was back in Stamford for my dads 65th birthday. My Uncles wife has a cake making business and made some yummy cupcakes and a fab Joey Dunlop helmet cake.  So that was week 2. On to week 3! 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Thank You Cards

I'm slowly easing myself back into doing some crafting after having a bit of a break. I brought some new stash last week from Hey Little Magpie and did I use any of this?...No I didn't, but it did give me kick up the bum to get making something. I had a couple of thank you cards to make, as well as a birthday card for my dad.  For my thank you cards I looked through my Hello Kitty tin of odds and ends I've cut from cut apart sheets as I knew I had some thank you bits from an old Pebbles collection in there. From there I looked through my 6x6 pads which I find handy for cards and went from there. 
This card was made using papers and some die cuts from Pink Paislee Bella Rouge collection. I love this collection, I wish I had gotten more of it! 
The sentiment on this card originally had a picture of a bouquet of daisies on it which was pretty but not what I wanted for the person I sending it to so I altered it and stuck a die cut from a Fancy Pants collection over it. I matched this with some papers from American Crafts Autumn Crisp. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

100 days of happiness: week 1

To draw a line under the pants end to last year I decided to have another go at something I tried doing before and failed, the 100 days of happiness challenge. Ok I lie, I was thinking about starting the challenge again from New Years Day anyway and the events from last month just spurred me on more. For those not familiar with the challenge, basically you share a photo a day of something that made your day or just made you smile and feel better for even a brief moment.  So this was my week one:
The week started off enjoying the Christmas tree for a last day before taking it down, my decs always come down on New Year's Day. On day 2 I managed to snap a bargain from Asda, 10m of wrapping paper for 25p, but the shopping didn't stop there as the next day I placed a cheeky order on Hey Little Magpie! Although the highlight of the week was FINALLY getting my boiler fixed after having no heating or hot water for two, yes that's right TWO, weeks! 
I thought I'd try a different planner this year and one I ordered from Hobbycraft arrived and so far I'm impressed especially as it was £12, a lot cheaper than the Mambi one I originally wanted! I received more happy mail the following day when my cheeky order arrived! This inspired me to not only do some crafting the next day, making a couple of ThanKYou cards and a birthday card for my dad, but to also have a de stash the next day! The perfect excuse to treat myself to even more lovely stash, ssh! 
So that was week one, what will week two have in store? 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And in typical Jess fashion long time no blog! Well normal service has yet again resumed. In fairness things went a bit crazy work wise and crappy personal wise towards the end of 2016 but we made it through it!  Short and simple blog post to welcome you all to 2017 but hopefully more post will follow soon. Xx