Monday, 9 January 2017

100 days of happiness: week 1

To draw a line under the pants end to last year I decided to have another go at something I tried doing before and failed, the 100 days of happiness challenge. Ok I lie, I was thinking about starting the challenge again from New Years Day anyway and the events from last month just spurred me on more. For those not familiar with the challenge, basically you share a photo a day of something that made your day or just made you smile and feel better for even a brief moment.  So this was my week one:
The week started off enjoying the Christmas tree for a last day before taking it down, my decs always come down on New Year's Day. On day 2 I managed to snap a bargain from Asda, 10m of wrapping paper for 25p, but the shopping didn't stop there as the next day I placed a cheeky order on Hey Little Magpie! Although the highlight of the week was FINALLY getting my boiler fixed after having no heating or hot water for two, yes that's right TWO, weeks! 
I thought I'd try a different planner this year and one I ordered from Hobbycraft arrived and so far I'm impressed especially as it was £12, a lot cheaper than the Mambi one I originally wanted! I received more happy mail the following day when my cheeky order arrived! This inspired me to not only do some crafting the next day, making a couple of ThanKYou cards and a birthday card for my dad, but to also have a de stash the next day! The perfect excuse to treat myself to even more lovely stash, ssh! 
So that was week one, what will week two have in store? 

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