Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Weekend at Dalby Forest

Last weekend saw us travelling back to Pickering for the MTB Cross Country World Cup. I'm not a biker at all but love going to the racing cheering on the riders.

Friday night was the Pro Sprint Eliminator around the centre of Pickering. The riders race in groups of four around the town, down tight alleys and even through someones garden!
Saturday was the first day of Cross Country racing. Last year one of Ian's heros, Thomas Frischknecht, was racing. He was there again this year but this time to cheer on his son who was taking part in the juniors.
 Of course no trip is complete without our fury friend Vern! Not to be left out he came along and even wore a British Cycling sticker to cheer on our riders.
He even tried to have some of Ian's cake!
We also found we were famous! We made it into the programme (I'm the one with the Shram Bam Bam's!)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Page of Leah's Album

A few months ago I was asked but my Auntie Barbara to make a scrapbook of family photos for my cousins daughter Leah. We sadly lost nan at the start of the year and Leah loved looking through the old photo albums so rather than just giving her an album of photos, my Auntie thought it would be nice to present them in a scrapbook. A few weeks ago she dropped the scrapbook and some photos around but as we were going catsitting that week I decided it best not to start straight away unless I wanted a little kitty helper! Anyway I managed to make a start on it this weekend using this months sketch on Sketch & Scrap but you're going to have to wait until next week to see that one...sorry but its the rules lol!

Last night I sat down though and managed to finish another page which I can share with you now.

This photo is of my mum and dad, Leah's Uncle & Auntie, on their wedding day in 1976. That summer there was a nationwide drought but the day they got married the heavens opened and it poured all day, so much so that my dad says it was dripping through the church roof onto the register! The papers used are ones I brought ages ago when I started scrapping but have never used!

Stay tuned for the next page at the end of the month lol!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cat Sitting

This week we have been looking after my furry niece and nephew while my brother and his girlfriend have been away in Egypt.

Meet Spook

And Axle 

Spook is laid back, lazy and very greedy while Axle is cheeky and mischievous. While she is quite happy to flop (and I mean flop) down anywhere after eating her food and trying to eat his, Axle will mew away to himself and run from one and of the room to the other, creeping up on Spook and pouncing her. Or as he has done on a couple of occasions jump up onto the dining table before jumping on top of the kitchen door! He also likes to watch television with us...
Like most people last Friday we sat and watched the wedding. Wasn't it lovely so laid back and genuine, not stuffy and pompous like some Royal weddings can be. To celebrate Ian and I had a mini tea party

I would like to say I made all the cakes myself but my baking skills only go as far as chocolate cornflake cakes! The Victoria sponges and carrot cakes are from Weight Watchers lol!