Monday, 23 January 2017

100 Days of Happiness: week 3

Another week has gone by and I'm still keeping up with my 100 days of happiness. So without further ado this was week 3. 
The week started off with me working a late shift so I grateful to get a parking space especially as it was raining. They've extended the carpark at work but it's still a nightmare getting parked if you're on a late shift! The next day was my first weight in at Slimming World and I had an impressive 3lb weight loss! On Wednesday the mini frying baskets I had ordered from Amazon arrived so I put the to use by making Sweet Potato chips which seems as I'm no Delia Smith is a big deal! More happy mail arrived the next day with an album I'd ordered to put my layouts in when I start scrapping some older photos I'd found at my parents. 
On Friday Ian was working an earlier shift so I was happy to have control of the TVs and iPad for a change! On Saturday night I went out with my team for bowling and beers. It was a fab night but let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if the loss earlier in week was cancelled out! Finally on Sunday I was probably I bit to excited to find out Netflix had recently added She-Ra! I loved this programme as a kid and had a She-Ra and her unicorn action figures plus a She-Ra birthday cake for my 7th birthday!   


  1. Well done on keeping up the 100 days, I keep saying I'll do it and never remember. You're doing well too with your weight loss, everyone has a little slip now and again, it's just about getting back on track xx

  2. Well done you! I have forgot by now lol