Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blogtober Day 8: Currently...

 1- Thinking: winding down from work.  I'm on a late shift this week so I don't get home until 8:30pm

2- Enjoying: my time to relax. My make up is off, I'm in my pj's and I'm blogging in bed! 

3- Feeling: tired, but it's Friday tomorrow so only one more 12-8 shift! 

4- Wearing: my pjs

5- Needing: a lottery win so I don't need to work another late shift again! Noticing a pattern emerging here lol! 

6- Wanting: it to be summer again! I miss the light evening, it's not much fun driving home in the dark! 

7- Listening: to the television. Ian is watching Wheeler Dealers, boring! 

8- Making: the most of my evening. Sorry, this is a very boring blog post! 

9- Eating: I've just finished a bowl of cornflakes. When I'm on lates my eating is all over the place because I don't really want to cook when I get in! 

10- Drinking: a cup of tea. 


  1. It will soon be the weekend :D Can I pinch this for a day when I am short of blogging stuff? And mentioning the lottery has reminded me that I don't have a ticket yet for this weekend - my next job is to sort one out online !!!

  2. I always reach for he cereal when I need a quick snack too! Enjoy your weekend x