Saturday, 10 October 2015

Blogtober Day 10: Saturday Snapshots

It's finally the weekend yay! Today I've had a lovely day just chilling. I popped into town this morning to post a parcel and pay some money into Ian's account. While I was there I went to the library to rent some DVDs as there isn't a lot on the telly tonight as the rugby is on, I don't mind rugby but Ian isn't a fan. I rented Fast & Furious 7 as I've wanted to see it for ages! I've always been a fan of the films, mainly because of Vin Diesel, and had to watch this as it is the last film with Paul Walker. I couldn't tell you much about the story line tbh and I cried like a baby at the end, I knew I would! As soon as the music started I was off, and the "For Paul" at the end...I was gone! 
I was naughty though as I "accidentally" brought a large skinny hot chocolate from Costa for the walk home! 
Then I came home to happy mail yay! I ordered some stamps from a lady I follow on Instagram, I couldn't help it they had unicorns on them! How cute are they???
Now my Saturday evening consists of wine and Spotify, bliss! 

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  1. Those stamps are so cute - look forward to seeing what you make with them