Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Weekend (picture heavy)

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and didn't over indulge in too much chocolate. No chance of over indulgence here as these were my Easter gifts

A cute bunny card from Ruby & Ava, a choccie lolly from work, a Lindt bunny from Jojo & two Thorntons eggs from mum. Note the lack of egg from Ian, in the seven years we have been together I think I have only had two Easter eggs! To make up for it though he did let me order some Washi Tape from Angel Crafts woohoo! As it was a lovely sunny but fresh day yesterday we decided to go for a walk to make room for chocolate (I made sure Ian shared his with me lol!)

The start of the walk going through Stamford meadows

We then headed up Easton On The Hill which was very muddy after all the bad weather. Luckily I hadn't fallen over in the snow all winter, but Khama kicked in and I slipped over crossing a bank lol!

Then we cut through to Wothorpe, through the woods to the Wothorpe tower ruins

Love & hugs


  1. Looks like a lovely spot for a walk :o) You had more Easter eggs than me!

  2. Hope it was only your pride that got bruised and you are ok after your tumble. I was a piggy and eat my easter eggs weeks ago as I couldn't wait LOL!!!

  3. lol, love the photos and trust you to fall down