Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 things on the 10th

I've seen a few bloggers join in with this so I thought I would give it a go. Basically on the 10th of every month you make a list of 10 things of your choice and share with everybody else. As this is my first 10 things I thought I would start with a 10 random things about me!

1- Basic info: My full name is Jessie Michelle Grey and I was born the 16th June 1981. I live with my partner of 6 years Ian and our pooch Buster
2- I live in the small market town Stamford in Lincolnshire. We are in the far bottom corner of Lincolnshire, if you head out of town in one direction you find yourself in Rutland, another lands your in Cambridgeshire, another in Northamptonshire!

3- Ian and I originally went out with each other briefly at school. Years later I became friends with his sister Jo who set us up and the rest they say is history!

4- I'm a huge Bon Jovi and have been fortunate to have seen them 5 times!

5- We have 2 little friends who always comes away with us on our travels. Vernon the turtle and Roger the monkey always sneak into our bags when we go away whether it be on holiday, on scrapbooking retreats or even in our rucksacks when we walked Snowdon!
6- I've recently become a Zumba nut! I started going to Zumba classes last year and instantly became hooked! Since then I have taken part in two Zumbathons for charity (the first was 2 hours, the most recent was 3 hours on the one weekend this summer we actually had warm weather!)

7- I love Snoopy! If Snoopy is on it then I have to have it! I have a complete collection of McDonalds Happy Meal toys (mostly brought from carboots or Ebay you'll be pleased to know!) & I also still have my original Snoopy I stole from my mum when I was 2 years old!

8- I currently drive a Nissan Micra called Susie Suu due to her number plate although I am trying to save for my dream car a Betty the Beetle.

9- I love pink & stars. I work in a baby & childrenswear shop and its a little joke that if I'm involved with the buying and an item is pink or has stars on or is pink with stars then I'll choose it!

10- I'm not ashamed to say it but I am a Twihard! I read Twilight just as the film was released and I was hooked, although I've always been a slight vampire girl whether it was watching Interview with a Vampire with my mum when I was 13 or watching Buffy and Angel later on. Thanks to this slight obsession and through scrapbooking I've met a fab group of ladies on UKS and next year we will be having our third annual retreat
 So those are a few random anecdotes about me, hopefully I haven't bored anyone! I'll get thinking about next months list x


  1. Thanks for sharing your great list! I love participating in 10 things every month. Twilight is a guilty pleasure for me too - I still haven't "read" the books but I listened to them last fall when I had a very long, temporary commute. I finished the last book when Breaking Dawn was hitting the theaters so I didn't have a long wait! :) Much longer wait for part 2 though.

  2. And what a beautiful bunch of ladies they are Jess ROFL!! Thanks for sharing your 10 facts but amazingly I think I did know all the facts except the one about pink and stars!!

    Karen x