Tuesday, 7 March 2017

100 Days of Happiness: weeks 8 & 9

I must been on total holiday mode as I forgot to blog week 8 of my 100 days of happiness! But fear not as it means I get to share two weeks of happiness with you now in one post! So this week 8
The week started with a crazy day at work as we had no systems working until lunchtime so we're unable to take any calls. Needless to say I was glad to get home to a cup of tea! On Tuesday I was glad that the heavy rain held off until I was driving home, the drowned rat look is never a good look! By comparison on Wednesday we had beautiful blue sky, a sign of the coming spring. On Thursday I collected my travelling companion, Otis the bear, for my upcoming scrappy break. I also had a small gain at Slimming World but I'm putting this down to the fact I was wearing jeans for dress down day at work! 
Friday was my last day at work for two weeks so I was happy to pop my out of office (complete with spelling mistake) on my emails. On Saturday I managed to grab some bargains from Morrisons, Fibre One bars for £1 so I got stocked up! On Sunday I was being super lazy and had nothing planned for tea so we had Slimming World friendly all day breakfast complete with yummy Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages.  Now onto last week, week 9. 
On Monday I started my scrappy packing ready for my weekend at Dukes Farm, I enjoy the break but not the packing! Tuesday was pancake day and mine were a disaster! I've since found out it was a combination of using Fry Light and not proper oil and not having my pan hot enough! After a mini strop I was happy to receive a last delivery of my snack bowl I'd ordered from Kirsten & Belle. On Wednesday I traveled back down to Stamford as I had dentist before going away for the weekend so I had a chance to catch up with a mini crafter in the making! On Thursday before the dreaded dentist I went for a walk into town and the weather was gorgeous! 
On Friday, Saturday & Sunday it was finally time for my scrappy break to Dukes Farm, the moment I look forward to all year as I can scrap, chat, eat cake and drink wine to my hearts content! We all chat on Facebook, etc during the year but when we get together it's like we've never been apart! 

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  1. Was so much fun! Cant wait to see you again (hopefully in october) but next year if not :)