Tuesday, 14 March 2017

100 Days of Happiness: Week 10

Another week has flown by which unfortionetly means I've come to the end of my holiday. But I'm not going to dwell on that too much and get one with showing you week ten of my 100 Days of Happiness. 
The week started with coming home from Dukes Farm. I had a fab time as always but after a long drive home I was glad for a cup of tea. Tuesday was back to the housework and after washing up in the morning I spotted a heart in the soap suds on the worktop. I love spring flowers as they are so bright and cheery and they don't set my hay fever off so I was happy when the daffodils I'd brought the day before started to open up. On Thursday I faced the walk of shame after a weekend (and a bit) of naughty eating and found I maintained which I was chuffed with, I also treated myself to the new cookbook. 
On Friday I did my first bit of crafting since Dukes Farm by making a card for a friend which I'll share in the next post. On Saturday we took a road trip to Barmouth to bed in the new big brakes on the car. Even on a grey day I love this place, the scenery is stunning and dramatic and doesn't stop us from having an ice cream from Knickerbockers on the harbour. On Sunday I had the back to work blues, which actually started Saturday evening, which meant it was time for a lazy day sitting in the slobby clothes. 

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