Tuesday, 14 February 2017

100 Days of Happiness: week 6

Another week of happiness has flown by. This was week 6. 
The week started off with a gorgeous sunrise, it looked as though the fog had finally lifted. On Tuesday I was happy that I managed to find a parking space pretty quick at work as it meant I had time to do some reading before I had to go into work. On Wednesday the weather started to turn colder so I was happy to get home and put my slippers on, one downside to wearing flat shoes for work is cold feet if the ground is cold. As I worked a late shift on Tuesday I had to go to Slimming World on Thursday and was rewarded with a 2lb loss. 
On Friday I only worked until 12pm so I went via TK Maxx on the way home and snapped up a couple of crafty bargains, even though I need paper like a hole in the head! On Saturday we were threatened to have a day of snow but luckily this was the only snow we had which was gone by lunchtime. Unfortionetly the snow came the next day with snow nearly all day but again it was gone by Monday. With Sunday being a snow day I managed to do some scrapping in the morning while watching Gotham on Netflix. 

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