Tuesday, 7 February 2017

100 days of happiness week 5

Well we've made it to February and I'm still managing to keep up with my 100 days of happiness, whoop whoop! So this was week five. 
On Monday I was on a very quiet late shift and I was grateful that I had planned ahead and put my kindle in my bag. Tuesday was Slimming World day with a maintain this week. Not going to lie I was pretty bummed by this but it's better than a gain and I managed to stock up from the shop too. Wednesday I was cheered up by Ian having a cup of tea waiting for me as I walked in the door, he's well trained! On Thursday I had my first early shift in ages so I was happy to be goin home in daylight for a change! 
On Friday after having thick fog practically all week it was a lovely and refreshing change to see blue sky! On Saturday while Ian slept in I managed some morning scrapping while watching Sherlock on Netflix. Then on Sunday I was probably a bit too excited to finally find the Thins biscuits! Everyone in Slimming World have been raving about these as they are only 1.5 syns a biscuit! 

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