Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winter Scavenger Hunt Finds Part 1

I've gotten off to a good start with the Winter Photo Scavenger hunt. So far I have found 
7: Berries and/or nuts
This is a photo of the hedge outside my parents, full of berries ready for the birds. 

9: a tree that has lost all its leaves
Spotted a row of naked trees on the way into town. 

1: Robin red breast 
Cute ornaments in the local garden centre. We have a robin that comes into our garden but he's too quick for me to take a photo! 

2: Tinsel
There was lots of tinsel in the garden centre but it's not the easiest thing to get a decent photo of! 


  1. Lovely photos...Lovin the cute robins!! The one that visits my garden is the same...way to tiny & quick to photograph!! Looking forward to the rest of your photos!! Txx

  2. These are great. I'm trying to find out of there's a month end round up somewhere.