Wednesday, 30 September 2015


While catching up on my blog reading I came across a great idea being organised by my friend Karen. The past couple of year she has taken part in Blogtoberfest where you blog everyday during October about whatever you like. Sadly this has come to an end this year but Karen has taken over the reins and renamed it Blogtober. I'm always wanting to blog more and I think this will give me the kick up the bum I need so I'm going to give it a go!

I'm not going to promise that all of my posts will be remotely interesting but I'll try my best! I hope you stop by and read what I've got to say! Look out for my first post tomorrow!! 


  1. I took part in Blogtoberfest three times and it was fun to try and come up with interesting posts every day. Good luck :-)

  2. Lovely to have you on board Jessie - look forward to reading your daily posts. Things to take part in if you are struggling are Me on Monday, WOYWW, My month in numbers - let me know if you want links to any of the host blogs for these challenges. Sandra from I Love all things pretty did a post the other month on 10 things she loves and 10 things she hates - I am using that idea for one of my posts. Sian today on her blog has answered some interesting questions about her reading habits and has invited anyone to take those questions and do their own blog post. I am sure you will be able to find something for every day xx

  3. Good for you, I'll be here supporting you