Monday, 15 December 2014

Week Two of Cracker

Our elf Cracker is still with us, getting up to all sorts of mischief! 

December 8
Cracker, feeling lonely, went in search of a mate and struck gold with Angel! Do we hear wedding bells on the horizon? 

December 9
Obviously sucking up for something, Cracker went stash shopping on Hey Little Magpie

December 10
Cracker thought about having a change of career and wanted to be a fireman. Unfortunately he couldn't fit in the lift! 

December 11
Cracker and his friends chose what to watch over Christmas. He just hopes that he can watch Downton Abbey in the North Pole! 

December 12
Abandoning the idea of being a fireman Cracker thought he'd better try his North Pole uniform to check it still fitted! 

December 13
Feeling very mischievous today, Cracker played hide and seek. 

December 14
There is definetly something wrong with Cracker's uniform! 


  1. I love the one where they're planning the Christmas TV :)

  2. Seeing these photos makes me think we need an Elf at our house x

  3. Love all these :) You put more thought into it than I do!