Monday, 8 December 2014

Crackers first week

So we're on the final countdown to Christmas and we have a new arrival in our house. Meet Cracker, who has been sent by the big man to keep an eye on us. 
So far he has had a fun filled first week. 
December 1st
Cracker brought us our advent calendars, although why he brought us three I don't know obviously wishful thinking lol! 

December 2nd
Someone decided to take up horseback riding on poor Fluffy! 

December 3rd
Cracker had a play date with Percy Penguin who then photo bombed the picture lol! 

December 4th
Cracker decided he needed to bulk up ready to help Santa with the pressies. 

December 5th
Cracker thought he'd join the Black Friday crowds and bag a telly. Didn't have the heart to tell him it was last week! 

December 6th
Cracker told us to wrap up warm and we needed to, it was freezing! 

December 7th
The cold spell must have reminded him of home as he went in search of snow. Unfortunately all he could find was washing powder!