Monday, 9 June 2014

Expanding blog hop!

Last week my friend Gemmainvited me to take part in a blog hop tour. As part of this blog hop I need to answer four questions allowing you to get to know me better and then nominate three (or in my case two because I'm a rule breaker lol!) fellow bloggers to take part. So, if you are siting comfortably I shall begin:

1. What am I working on?
30 Layout challenge- back in March I started my 30 layout challenge where I'm challenging myself to complete 30 layouts before buying any stash. As I work full time it's taken a while but I'm currently up to 28/30 layouts completed although I've not had the chance to blog my four most recent layouts so here's a sneaky peek
52 card challenge- I joined in this challenge at the start of the year with the hope of becoming a better card maker. I'm a couple of weeks behind and have skipped one week completly so not doing too badly! 
Boo's Scrapbook- in October I became a proud first time Auntie to Boo (not her real name don't worry) so of course she has to have her own scrapbook as she grows up! 

2. How does my work differ from others of the genre?
Er... I don't think it does. I've said before that I'm a procrastinator scrapper in that I think about and faff around with things for ages before even sticking anything down! As a result I often feel my pages are not as detailed or embellished as other peoples but there's nothing wrong with that, there are no rules to scrapping! I've recently brought some paints and watercolours as I like seeing how people use them on their work so I'm looking forward to experimenting a bit. 

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Mainly because now we are in the digital age photos are staying on cameras or computers, and not being seen. I use my scrapbooks as a photo album in a way only prettier, so we can look back at them read the journaling (which I have to admit I'm terrible at doing) and enjoy the photos and memories rather than looking at a screen saver and trying to remember where that castle was or who I was talking to there. If you ask Ian it's also a way of keeping me quiet, he's obviously never seen a group of crafters together in a barn in Herefordshire lol! 

4. How does your writing/creating process work? 
My process starts in one of two ways, either I pull out a photo and find some papers to match and go from there, or I go on Pinterest and look through my boards at other layouts or sketches then decide on photos and stash.  
I also enjoy watching process videos on YouTube, there are so many talented Scrappers out there that there are always new things to learn and layouts to inspire (be warned though you will have serious craft room envy and are serious enablers for stash buying!). I've started to take part in more challenges since starting my 30 layouts to help keep my mojo flowing, as they often get you looking at things differently or using stash, techniques or photos you've not used for a long time or have never tried or that you're not keen on.

I hope my answers make some sense and I've answered them correctly. If you'd like to know anything else leave me a message and I'd be happy to answer. Now that you've read my blog please go and check out these two lovely ladies next week:

Karen- a brilliant scrapper, talented cardmaker, Marrilion fan, Penny Black addict and fellow Meadow Barner. Her blog shows off her beautiful creations from layouts to cards and sometimes jewellery making. 

Sheena- as a member of the Scrapology Challenge blog & ScrapaGoGo's design team, where she had designed & taught classes, Sheena's blog shows off her amazing layouts, beautiful cards & her third year of Project Life. 


  1. Great answers! Thanks for taking part and Ian obvioulsy needs to tag along to MB one year!

  2. Great to see the torch being carried a bit further :)

  3. Fab post Jessie and great to see you only have two more layouts to go!!

  4. Great post Jess. You got yours out on time, unlike me!

  5. Love reading everyone's answers to these questions. I really like the search pinterest for a sketch idea.