Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I see a sign: a cheeky one

Today we went to an antique centre in Market Deeping as we were in the area. I love this centre as it is made up of various sellers who pack as much as they can into their small cubicle to sell so you can have a good rummage through the bric a brac. They even have a craft shop in the back selling stash but I walked straight through as I don't NEED anything, it took a lot of doing I can tell you lol! While we were there I spotted this cheeky sign which made me giggle
I loved it and did think about buying it for the bedroom but resisted lol! I can picture it being in a changing room in a cool boutique for some reason too. 


  1. Loving your sign find :D
    Couldn't have it at home though, might give the old man ideas !!!!

  2. Sounds like a great shop, love the sign!