Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ode to Susie Suu

Last night we said a fond farewell to a dear member of the Balchin-Grey family, Susie Suu left us for pastures new! 
After being with us for 8 years it was time for her to fly the nest but she left us with many happy memories. Memories of camping trips to Wales, weighted down with camping gear, climbing mountain roads in the rain only to come down the otherside to find random sheep in the road, driving the Snowdon road in thick fog where we could barely see in front of us (the scariest drive of my life!), being used to hold down the tent while we tried  to put it up in gale force winds. Memories of car booting, being filled to the rafters with bric a brac, squashing Jojo into the passenger seat while there was still room for her! Memories of trips to the seaside come rain or shine, huddled on the sea front eating fish & chips in the rain! 

You had to put up with a couple of dings thanks to other people's carelessness in carparks & with my bad singing along to the radio & Bon Jovi CDs. Farewell Susie Suu xx


  1. God bless Susie Suu and look forward to your new motor :D


  2. Hope you are getting something nice and shiny soon to replace her. Funny how we give names to cars - my three were Musty, Minty and Maggie

  3. Farewell Susie Suu x
    Are you getting another ?