Monday, 8 July 2013

Scorchio weekend

Summer finally arrived this weekend. What is it with our weather? It never warms up or gets cold gradually, it goes from one extreme to the other! This weekend was one such example of this with scorching hot temperatures so we had to get out and make the most of it. 

On Saturday a long walk was in order. Whenever the sun comes out I always catch it on my nose, and a red nose only looks good on Rudolph! So a hat was in order 
I looked as though I was going hunting but as long as it did the job it didn't matter! 

We decided to go to Fineshade Woods, but rather than walk the woods itself we parked in nearby Duddington and walked the perimeter, and when I say it was a long walk I mean it was a looooong walk! Not to worry though was the sun was shining, and as we rounded one corner we could hear the bells ringing in nearby Kings Cliffe and the wedding of my good friends brother which made me smile. 
The smile soon faded though as we reached a field which the path went through which had these guys in it
Cows!! Which as soon as we climbed the stile walked towards us and followed us! I  will admit I'm scared of cows so walked v  fast! 

On Sunday I went to a local antiques fair with mum. Another hot day meant another hat
The fair was at nearby Grimsthorpe castle which despite the name is not a castle but a rather nice house
Mum looking for a bargain. Yes I know we had similar hats on lol! 
It was a good fair bit didn't buy anything but it was nice to look. It was also nice to sample the tea and cakes on the tea room
All this did came at a price though, serious tan lines lol! 

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  1. Awwww you do hats so well - I just look like the village idiot when I wear a hat LOL!! Yumm that tea looks lovely - a nice weekend xx