Sunday, 21 July 2013

I see a sign

Hello my little blog have you cooled down? I love the summer and welcomed the warm weather, but after a week of temperatures over 30 degrees I'm glad for a break. At first it was a novelty, a chance to get my toes out and get a tan but soon I was coming home from work exhausted, the heat had zapped me of all energy and I felt quite ill, not feeling like doing anything let alone crafting or blogging!

But I'm back now with what I hope will be a mini series of posts every now and then. I love seeing where people live when I post parcels for Ian, the unusual street names or the names which make you say "I'd like to live there". Or sometimes you just see a sign which makes you chuckle out loud. Over on Julie Kirks blog she has done a series of posts about funny signs and this has inspired me to share any I find with you. 

I went with Ian one evening this week to return a bike he had repaired to Pilsgate just outside Stamford. Whenever I drive through this village the is a small lane which makes me smile and say "I want to live there" and low and behold that was where the bike lived! 
The name conjures images of small, thatched, gingerbread type cottages springs to mind! 

This second one is a silly one I'm afraid! Time to lower the tone, at my age I should know better than to find this funny
So that's my silly and pointless mini series. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more signs. 


  1. What a sweet address and your second one made me smile too

  2. lol, love the second one. Ikwym about living in a cute named place. theres a street in our town called 'The nook' and I wanted to buy a house there just to live on that street!