Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 things on the 10th: Goals for 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Chrimbo & New Year, now for the first blog post of 2013. Today is January 10th which means time for 10 things on the 10th. This month I wanted to share 10 of my goals for the coming year.

1: Lose Weight- something I say every New Year but since I stopped going to Weight Watchers a year ago my weight has crept up so at the start of this week I bit the bullet and rejoined. This time I'm following it online rather than going to meetings and now I have an ipad I can keep track of my points on the app. I'll try and keep you posted as to how things are going

2: Learn to bake- probably not the best thing after I've just said I wanted to lose weight lol! I'm not going to lie I cant cook but I have got a very sweet tooth. Last year for the jubilee I baked a Victoria sponge and while it wasnt aesthetically pleasing on the eye it tasted yummy and I caught the baking bug. So I have decided if I cant cook I'm going to bake! I want to try and bake something at least once a month, luckily I received a couple of baking books for Christmas to inspire me including this fab book
 3: Scrap more- scrapping always relaxes me and I love the process of putting a page together but I only normally manage 2 layouts a month so if possible I'd like to do a few more (In an ideal I'd win the lottery, give up work and scrap for a living but never mind lol!) This leads to...

4: Use up old stash before buying more- easier said than done when I see images of all the lovely new releases at CHA and I have gotten better since I started subbing to a kit but I still have oodles of stash taking over the place! I keep telling Ian I need a craft room lol!

5: Learn to stamp- again this will help me with number 4! Lovely stamps are everywhere and I have a few but whenever I stamp an image it comes out either blurry or partly missing so I want to improve so I can..

6: Make my Christmas cards- I tried this a couple of years ago and found it stressful as i had to rush so I havnt done it since but then feel guilty when my mum gives me a lovely card shes made. So I recently brought some stamps in the sale over at Visible Image in the hope that I'll improve my stamping to make some quick cards.

7: Get my Beetle- after my car played up last year I decided enough was enough and it was time to sell her, especially after cheering myself up by looking online at VW Beetles and finding out the insurance will be roughly the same and I'd only need to do a little saving. So now I need to get around to advertising Susie and putting her on the market

8: Go to see Wicked in London- I have always wanted to see Wicked and have some of the songs on my ipod so I was thrilled when my bosses brought me a Ticket Master voucher for my 30th to put towards a ticket. But alas the voucher is still sat on the side. But then a couple of days ago a friend asked if I still wanted to go and is looking into tickets yay! Everyone deserves the chance to fly!
9: Blog more- my poor little blog you only usually have two posts a month, probably because I only use you to show my crafty creations but hopefully if I mange some of my goals you'll be used more. I also want to try and keep up with 10 things on the 10th. If anyone wants to know what goes on in my everyday life then I can share that here too?

10: Be happy!- probably the most important goal of all x


  1. I've got a great cake decorating book you can borrow if you like. :) Lucky you going to see wicked too!

  2. Hey I treated myself to a beetle recently! Its the best car ever and its so pretty I got a really good deal on mine from Breeze Volkswagen in dorset. I can't recommend it enough!

  3. Some fab goals to aim for - I think you need to bake us something for Meadow Barn!! If you need any help with stamping at Meadow Barn then do shout up and I will see if I can help at all xx