Saturday, 11 August 2012

10 things on the 10th August

I know I'm a day late but after a hectic week my brain was just not working yesterday, nothing new there I can hear everyone shouting, but its time for another 10 things on the 10th. This month I thought I'd list 10 reasons why I love Scrapbooking.

1: You do not need to be arty to craft. I readily put my hands up and say I am not arty at all, I even struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler! But with crafting this does not matter as...

2: There is no right or wrong. There are no rules with Scrapbooking, so what if something I cut or stick down isnt straight (which is very often the case), or a layout doesnt turn out how you imagined it in your head. IT DOESNT MATTER!!!

3: Its relaxing. Whether its just choosing papers for a layout and shuffling them around a bit or actually sitting down and scrapping I always feel relaxed & refreshed after

4: Lots of pretty Stash! My OH would probably say this is a bad thing!

5: Making friends. I've mentioned before the group of friends I've made through UKS and its great to have like minded friends to help & encourage you if you get stuck on anything as they've been there and get it.

6: I actually look at & share the photos I take. Nowadays with digital cameras people just seem to take photos and store them on their computer or just on their camera and never look at them again or share them with people! Now if someone asks if I had a nice holiday I can say Yes or No and share the story with them without huddling around a computer screen or a camera!

7: I take more photos. Even if it is of silly things like my wellies I take photos so I can tell a story later.

8: There are lots of lovely blogs out there. I love finishing work and reading my blog list to see other peoples work or watch tutorials to gain tips.

9: It gives me an excuse to be messy for a bit. When I scrap at home there are usually papers all spread out on the floor or scraps of paper around the bin rather than in it as I'm too in the "zone" to tidy up, dont worry though I do tidy up afterwards lol!

10: It leads on to wanting to try new techniques & crafts. I've recently brought some mists to play with as I've seen them used on other peoples layouts and liked it, I've brought some stamps to try and improve my stamping as I've never been the best, & I've just discovered Smash Books and I'm hooked!!

I hope my list makes sense & I'm sure there are a few points you may agree with! Pop over toShimelle to check out some more lists xx


  1. Great 10 on the 10th - and all great reasons to scrapbook xx

  2. Lots of great reasons to scrap.

  3. I love all these reasons. I like number 7 on your list as I'd not thought of this one before, but scrapbooking definitely does help me take more photos, I love capturing all the little details now! x

  4. Great idea for a list and all so true :o)

    Fi xx

  5. These are all fantastic reasons!

  6. I am with you about not being able to draw a straight line even with a ruler! Great list!

  7. Oh yes, my 10 would be very similar.