Saturday, 25 June 2011

A catch up and another page for Leah

Blimey time has flown since my last post! Lets see whats happened... Last week was my 30th birthday which I have to say wasnt was bad as I thought it would be despite being forced to wear a flashing 30 badge all day at work! We decided to have a weekend on Shell Island last weekend, it stayed mainly dry but very windy which drove us mad and battered our poor tent! We managed to get the same pitch as last year with this amazing view
We were lucky enough to see dolphins one morning but they were slightly too far out to get a decent photo with our camera. The best bit about being right on the beach is being able to have a fire two nights, we built the best fire pit which got called the volcano

Not one to miss out on the action was Vern and his friends
I also managed to get 2 more pages for Leah's album finished before we went away. One is for Sketch & Scrap so stay tuned for that one, the other was this

This layout is of my cousins (Leah's mummy's) Christening. I love how Emma is smiling at our Nanny Grey in this photo

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