Saturday, 22 March 2014

Technical Hitch

You remember how in my last post I was so happy that I'd reached 10 layouts, a third of the way through my 30 layout challenge? Yeah, well I'm still on 10 layouts thanks to a technical hitch. My darn trimmer which I only got for Christmas is broken! The Fiskars trimmer has a wire running through the rail so you can line up where you are cutting and the blade glides along this. Well mine has frayed, which means whatever I am cutting is jagged and ruined! 
At first I thought my blade was blunt, so I brought some more. First cut, perfect. Second, slightly jagged. Then pow the wire goes! I looked online and this has happened before but Fiskars have replaced the rail. I found the email address for Fiskars UK, emailed them only to have a reply saying they do not manufacture or distribute in the UK but have forwarded my email to the distribution centre in France! Cue automated reply saying due to a huge amount of emails they will be in touch in due course! In the mean time I posted on Fiskars Facebook page who have me a customer services telephone number- in America!!

A week has passed and I have heard nothing! So I have emailed France again, same automated reply! I have also emailed the website the trimmer was purchased from and they have more human and helpful than anyone else so far! They are also getting in touch with their distributor and will let me know what they say! 

So that's my whinge over, sorry about that! Keep your fingers crossed my next post will be a happier one xx


  1. I hate bad CS, so annoying - hope you get it sorted soon...x

  2. Very poor CS :o( Hope you get some joy soon x

  3. Hugs love :( hope you hear something soon.

  4. Thats rubbish customer service :(
    hope it gets sorted soon x