Monday, 11 March 2013

Seriously snow go away!

Well today was back to work which after having 10 lovely days off I was not looking forward to. My mood did not improve when I opened the blind and saw snow outside! I know it was forecast but I thought it would be a flurry which wouldnt settle but no, the rain which fell before had frozen and snow had fallen on top which made the walk to work a nightmare! The council obviously thought the same as me as none of the roads had been gritted so the roads were chaos. The Stamford midlent fair opened tonight but I doubt anyone went as we are still having flurries, its here for the week so hopefully it will improve for them. One person who did enjoy the snow (we think) was the inlaws tortoise Vern who woke up early from hibernation a month ago but has been kept indoors, but we couldnt resist putting him out for a quick photo lol!
If I could knit I'd make him a little scarf for next year!


Listening to: just for Gemma after talking about them last week, Linkin Park "The Catalyst"

Watching: the snow flurries outside
Eating: minted lamb casserole 
Thinking: when is Spring coming? 

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  1. Great song :) Im wondering where spring is too!