Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Lesson in Packaging

Thankfully today was a lot easier getting around and luckily we haven't had anymore snow. At work we had a two boxes delivered from a brand called Name It. Most brands when they deliver to us send everything together in one or two boxes but not Name It, they like to send each item in its own box so one style of Jeans will be in one box, a style of dress in another, etc which means we have had 50 boxes delivered at once before! So when two boxes arrived today I was expecting the norm but no, one box contained boys jeans the other this

Yep one pair of jeans they obviously forgot to pack with the others!! Seriously? We're told all the time to recycle and about how much waste there is its not surprising when people do this!

Listening to: after walking through the fair on the way home some old school 90's classics were being played 

Watching: CSI
Eating: snowies from the fair
Thinking: I better not be getting a headache!

Love & hugs

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  1. lol, that does make me giggle. :) whats a snowie?