Friday, 21 October 2016

Long time no blog

So..... long time no blog again! I admit I'm having something of a blogging crisis! I have projects to blog about but do I get around to doing! I enjoy blogging but sometimes wonder if anyone is actually reading it? But I am going to try and get back on the wagon, even if it is writing a post with no photos, not scrappy related just to get some of my thoughts and feelings off my chest cos let's face it if no ones reading it then it means i won't be judged and I can just get it out there.

So if you are out there, hi! Stay tuned and some posts will hopefully be appearing soon xx


  1. Still here. Blog on, we're reading.

  2. I'm here too. Sometimes it's not about the crafting projects, it's just a good connection to blogging friends. So if your blog takes a diary route, then I'm just fine with that xxx

  3. I'm still here - you just came up in my blog sidebar - interested in whatever you do x