Monday, 11 January 2016

Winter Scavenger Hunt Catch Up

Just a quick post to share some recent finds on my Winter Photo scavenger hunt. Yes I'm still doing it, I've impressed myself as I've normally forgotten/given up by now! So without further ado: 

3- Outside Lighting: I knew what I wanted to take a photo of as soon as I saw this. Every year we go for a drive around the area admiring everyone's Christmas lights and the first stop is always this house
They've gotten bigger every year and now have a collection box for a local charity due to the number of people who stop by for a look

8- Wreath: another nice easy one. There were so many wreaths to choose from on people's doors but this one took my fancy

6- a puddle: safe to say there have been plenty of these around this winter. This one was more like a mini lake on the footpath at the woods yesterday. 


  1. We used to have a house that looked like one of those in the US and are road was packed with people passing to see it. Sadly they stopped it a few years ago.

  2. Well done you, I forgot all about it!!

  3. Nice trio. I'm posting a few more on Friday I think.