Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Break From the Madness

With only five, yes five, weeks until Christmas I'm lucky enough to have a few days off work and boy do I need it! As you probably noticed Blogtober went out the window mainly cos I work every day and had very little to blog about especially when I wasn't getting in until after 8pm some days! So I'm using these few days to relax, get organised for Christmas and have a bit of me time. I was lucky to spend the first couple of days of my break in Milton Keynes shopping, scrapping and generally having a laugh with Gemma. We started having a second crafty break last year to break up the time between our crafty weekend in Herefordshire. We booked a Premier Inn in Milton Keynes just a short walk from the shopping centre and just chill and scrap. Obviously the Do Not Tidy this room sign is hung outside when we pop out cos housekeeping would have a field day! 
I had a fab couple of days, managing to cross a couple more pressies off my shopping list, find a dress for my Christmas party and I managed to scrap an amazing seven layouts! 


  1. Sounds perfect. Didn't know you could get Giraffe take out! Look forward to seeing the layouts soon and enjoy your time off x

  2. I think we should have another weekend away around july time :p