Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rare Photo Op

It's easy to keep in touch with family and friends now with Facebook, etc but actually meeting up is another issue. If one person can make it, then someone else can't, then if you rearrange everyone else can make it but you're away and before you know it its Christmas and another year has passed! That's how it is in my family. My mum has two brothers, one who lives in nearby Crowland who she sees every now and then, and one who lives in Stamford but somehow we hardly ever see! It's come as a joke now that they really see each other at weddings or funerals! That's why last year at Boo's Christening, which both my uncles attended, we made sure we got a pic! 
I originally started this layout using different papers, but for some reason I just couldn't stick everything down straight, so I pulled everything up which ripped the paper causing me to have a paddy and throw the who thing away! I'm much happier with this paper selection though so not a complete disaster! I love the ruffled teal ribbon which matches my mums outfit perfectly. 


  1. beautiful layout, love that butterfly.

  2. This is lovely - there's nothing better than to be able to meet up and hug!

  3. Fab layout and it so often becomes that way in families. We are lucky this year that there are lots of significant birthdays so an excuse for some get togethers.