Friday, 13 February 2015

Couple of Card Shares

Remember last year, I was taking part in the 52 Card a year challenge to get me using my stash and to get better at card making? Well I failed at that after a couple of months, lol! I got behind on the prompts due to life, etc and eventually gave up. I still want to make cards where I can for friends & family but I'm taking a more relaxed approach, just making them when I can and if I do need a card in a hurry I have some Phoenix Cards in a box on standby. I'm not going to feel guilty for sending a ready made card either, as soon as people know you craft it's almost like they expect to get a handmade card rather than a shop brought card. 

But saying all that I have made two cards recently. This first one I made for my friend & work colleague. We both found out after Christmas that we were going to lose our jobs as the shop is closing and have both been on the job hunt since. Last week she had an interview at a local travel firm and got a job and while I was obviously very happy for her the old green eyed monster arose and I said a couple of off the cuff not nice remarks, so I made her a little card to say sorry and how happy I was for her
I used papers and a die cut sentiment from Pebbles. 

This next card is for my friends daughters birthday next week. 
I used papers and a project life card from Dear Lizzy's Daydreamer collection. The little girl who appears in this collection is very cute but I couldn't see me using her on a layout but she's perfect for an 8yr old little girl. I don't do project life but i find the cards great for layering on layouts or as toppers on cards. 


  1. The birthday card is fresh and sweet. I love the Splendid card too, a card for a not-so--standard reason. I hope the job search will be over soon.

  2. I know what you mean about the 52 card challenge. I love it and set out with the best intentions but fell by the wayside too. You've made two gorgeous cards here Jess x

  3. Aw im sure your friend understood. Both beautiful cards love.

  4. There is a monthly card challenge this year on UKS to replace 52 cards - might be more manageable for you. Two really lovely cards xx