Monday, 30 December 2013

Crafty Christmas Presents

And in a blink of an eye Christmas has been and gone. Did you all have a lovely Christmas? 
Mine was the usual family affair, over to my folks for Christmas morning opening our stocking (well Christmas gift bag) presents and presents from other family members and friends and for Christmas dinner before heading to the inlaws in the afternoon for presents and tea. Then on Boxing Day it was Christmas Day take two where we exchange presents with mum & dad and my brother and sister in law and have a general family day laughing at poor mum trying to work out dad's quiz for opening her presents. This years quiz was Christmas number 1's, on the label was a year and she needed to name the Christmas number 1 for that year, cue mum sitting there perplexed while my brother and I looked them up on his phone and tried to give her clues. 

After opening our presents we now have chocolates, wine & toiletries coming out of our ears! I was lucky enough to receive some crafty presents from Ian though. Presents I chose and added to online carts and left him to pay for lol! For my stocking presents (we buy each other our main presents after Christmas in the sales) he brought me some lovely goodies from Angel Crafts
Two more 6x6 paper pads from Alison Kreft Recorded collection & Glitz Love you Madly collection which were both reduced. I love the Alison Kreft collection and had my eye on it for a while but I had not seen the Glitz collection before but the muted pink, aqua and grey colours are lovely. Of course I had to have some more Washi tape too! The ribbons were a freebie. 

I have been looking for a new paper trimmer for a while as ever since I changed the rubber track on my Woodware trimmer it has not been cutting straight. At first I thought it was just me being a bit dim but after chatting to the girls at Meadow Barn in March I realised it wasn't lol! So for my main present Ian said he would buy me a new trimmer and after lots of YouTube watching I decided to try a Fiskars one. I placed a thread on UKS asking if anyone stocked it and The Mad Scrapper responded and even better it had 20% off. Naturally more things fell into my basket as it was sale and my parcel arrived today
As you know I'm a sucker for stars and I thought the Martha Stewart punch would be great for birthday cards, something I really want to try and make more of. I also received the Picked Raspberry (not pickled as I keep calling it) and Peacock feathers distress ink pads which are both lovely vibrant, bold colours. 

Just to leave you with a cute snap of Boo from Boxing Day 
Happy New Year xx


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. May 2014 bring you lots of happiness x

  2. Have fun with your new trimmer - my Woodware one has now been discarded in favour of the SU one - loving it!! Looking forward to seeing the cards that you make - have you thought about joining in with the 52 cards challenge - it is here on Kool Kitty's Musing blog - plus there is a thread on UKS for it too.

  3. I intend to buy a gelli plate with some gift cards I received. I also got photo paper and a photo printer.