Thursday, 14 March 2013

All the fun of the fair

Last night we went for our annual walk through the towns mid lent fair. The Stamford street fair is a chartered fair going back to King someone and is one of the largest travelling street fairs in the country stretching throughout the town. When I was younger I remember going with my parents on Mothers Day to watch the lorries coming in to set up. They are not allowed to come in until 12pm after people come out of church so as soon as the bells tolled you would hear a roar of engines as the lorries would pull in in perfect formation to set up their rides in their designated spots. Then there would always be the fun of police and showmen having to move somebodies car which was parked where it wasn't supposed to be despite the street being closed off the night before lol! I've since grown out of going down to watch this but my dad still goes every Mothers Day, he was even there last week in the snow mad I know! The fair is also where I had my first date with Ian back when I was 13 & he was 15; we were both at school, one of my friends called out to him "will you go out with Jess?" "Yeah alright. I'll meet you down the fair later" (wow that's romantic lol!). I went with a friend and found him with one of his friends both of whom disappeared not wanting to be gooseberries and we went on the Waltzers lol! Now though we dont go on any rides as a: its too expensive & b: I'm a wuss who doesn't like going upside down and doesn't trust rides which are just folded out trailers and not drilled to the floor lol! So instead we walk through, watch the rides, buy some sweets & a hot dog and head home. A sure sign we're getting old!

Listening to:

 Watching: Final Witness on Really
Eating: Christmas Pudding- strange but true, mum found a couple of puddings she made but had forgotten about and I have to say it was very nice!
Thinking: One more day at work and then its the weekend woohoo!

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  1. Great photos :) must admit nothing beats a fair hot dog and doughnut :)

  2. Great photos and certainly conjures up all kinds of memories.