Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cat Sitting

This week we have been looking after my furry niece and nephew while my brother and his girlfriend have been away in Egypt.

Meet Spook

And Axle 

Spook is laid back, lazy and very greedy while Axle is cheeky and mischievous. While she is quite happy to flop (and I mean flop) down anywhere after eating her food and trying to eat his, Axle will mew away to himself and run from one and of the room to the other, creeping up on Spook and pouncing her. Or as he has done on a couple of occasions jump up onto the dining table before jumping on top of the kitchen door! He also likes to watch television with us...
Like most people last Friday we sat and watched the wedding. Wasn't it lovely so laid back and genuine, not stuffy and pompous like some Royal weddings can be. To celebrate Ian and I had a mini tea party

I would like to say I made all the cakes myself but my baking skills only go as far as chocolate cornflake cakes! The Victoria sponges and carrot cakes are from Weight Watchers lol!

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  1. Aww loving the pics of the furry ones Jess. They should get their pics done with Vern ;)


    PS. I agree about the wedding too, wasn't her dress beauitful