Thursday, 24 February 2011

A catch up

 I've been having blog withdrawal symptons so thought I'd better post a catch up with you. The main thing which has happened since I last posted is that after chatting to a couple of friends who are doing it is that I've bitten the bullet and joined Weight Watchers! I originally did WW about 8 years ago after someone lent me their pack and I lost approx 2 stone. Then 6 years ago I moved onto Rosemary Connelly with my friend Kelly who was getting married and wanted to slim down, together we both lost another 2 1/2 stone and I was a nice 10 1/2 stone, a slim size 14 not quite a 12. Then I met Ian, became happy and contented and put the weight back on! Over the past year I've been trying to do my own healthy eating and exercise regime and have lost probably a stone but I needed a quick start! I joined WW last Tuesday with my brothers girlfriend and I have to say my weight wasnt as bad as I thought- 12st 8lb not great but not bad! My goal is to get back to 10 1/2 stone and look how I do on my passport photo and so far so good (touch wood) I had my first weigh in on Tuesday and have lost 2lbs!

The one problem which has come from dieting, in Ian's opinion not mine, is that I've been spending my money on crafty bits instead on chocolate etc! Over the past week I've brought 3 Martha Stewart punches (starburst circle, royal butterfly and cosmos), the Martha Stewart Cherish PATP, and have gone halves on the Xyron Design Runner with my mum! I wonder if there is a Craft Watchers I can join lol! I'll share a pic of my new goodies in my next post.

I've also joined the lovely ladies in the Sketch & Scrap group in UKS. Every month someone uploads a sketch for us to scrap and we upload our LO at the end of the month. I managed to do this months sketch over the weekend but will have to share it with you all next time once I've shared it with the group!

So thats just about been my week!


  1. Well done on weight loss so far.

    Just a warning that buying punches is a big addiction lol - my most recent purchase is the MS Cherish PATP set - I love it!!

    Karen x

  2. I think I need to join a Craft Watchers group too - lets go together. I have bought 2 EKsuccess punches this week and enough ribbon to wrap my whole house in, not to mention the reams of patterned paper I have bought too! Feel so guilty but am getting over that by making sure I use it all up and I am doing a layout every day now so I feel less bed LOL!
    Congrats on the weight loss so far :)

  3. Do you really need any more punches??? I'm not taking the blame for this one missus!! no siree!

    just cos i've bought 2 in the last week and next months fad is distress inkpads!! do you have any of these hmmm? No? ha ha ha ha hahaaaa I do;)

    L xx