Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Liberty finds

Just a quick post to share some of the lovely things I spied in Liberty a couple of weeks ago. I love Liberty, the building is beautiful and the way everything is displayed you wouldn't think you were in a department store more like an old shop with different vendors selling you their wares. 

First we went into the chocolate room, it was a hard job but somebody had to it! Who knew chocolate could come so beautifully packaged, unfortunately no Oompa Loompas were working! 
 We then went up to Little Liberty the children's department. Liberty print is gorgeous but add it to a dress and a pair of frilly Knicks its adorable! 
My favourite areas in Liberty are the stationery room as I'm a sucker for stationery (unfortunately it was too crowded to get any pics), and the home department with lots of lovely china & crockery. 
Love these gothic style plates 
I had to buy a Votes for Women mug! 
Trophy head anyone! 

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  1. We didn't make it as far as Liberty on our last visit.
    Great finds, love the prints but my girls too old for them :(