Monday, 20 February 2012

Twilight Addicts Weekly Challenge

This week on UKS it is the turn of the Twilight Addicts to set the weekly challenge. For the first 10 points we asked people to use this sketch
10 points would also be given for using a group of photos, and the last 10 points would be given for drawing inspiration from a favourite book. This is my example LO
I drew inspiration from the Shopaholic Series of books by Sophie Kinsella which I LOVE! In these Becky Bloomwood loves the finer,  more expensive things in life. I also like these but I'm more restrained with my spending, mainly cos we have no money, but I was lucky enough to receive some Chanel Perfume for Christmas from Ian (after much nagging lol). The journalling is a Coco Chanel quote: "A woman should be two things classy & fabulous". 


  1. Love your layout. :) never read the book but love the film lol

  2. started to read the book but got carried away spending money on crafty things lol

    I do love your lo, its soooooooo classy!! just like you!

    L xx