Saturday, 14 September 2013

Road trip to Wales

Yesterday we came home from a road trip to Wales.
 I had hoped to take lots of pictures as I was the passenger for once and not the driver, but unfortunately the car charger I brought the day before we left to charge my phone didn't work so I have been cut off from the world for three days! Top tip: always buy these things well in advance and check they work before you leave! 

We took the long & scenic route and eventually arrived at good old Shell Island. As it was your typical grey, cloudy, windy Welsh day we decided after last years fight against gale force winds to pitch in the sheltered side of the island facing the hills rather than the sea. 
Weather wise it was like this most of the time, with rain in the afternoon. On Thursday morning it was lovely & sunny and we were able to go on the beach in just our t-shirts. We spent the morning beach combing and rock pooling the perfect time to get lots of photos but no such luck!  

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  1. I've gone away without a charger's such a pain :(
    sounds like you had a relaxed time though x