Saturday, 30 April 2011

The reason I am a bike widow!

Its been a whole month since i last posted! I'm sorry the new shop I'm working in has opened and all is going great, my new bosses are lovely and we've had alot of positive feedback from customers. Anyway seems as its been a month it must be Sketch n Scrap time again!

This months sketch was set by Dee
I must admit I sat pondering this sketch for a long time as I'm not one for multi photo layouts, 2 photos tends to be my limit. The problem was trying to find a subject I had alot of photos of, then it hit me... BIKES! Ian is forever building up his bikes, riding them for a bit, taking oodles of pictures of them before dismantling them and moving onto the next. I am a bike widow!! I think if there was a fire some of the bikes would probably get saved before me lol! Anyway here is my layout...
I recently brought a grab box from Sarah's Cards which included a transparency sheet which I have never used before so used this for the circle. The sketch also gave me the opportunity to use my new Martha Stewart Bangle chain punch which reminded me of a bike chain.


  1. I've just left you a comment and question on this in the S&S thread then came over here and had my question answered . . lol love the punched edges!


  2. Great layout Jess - love that punch - oops might have to add another to my collection LOL!!

    Glad things are going well in the new shop.

    Karen x